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Whether you enjoy reading, collecting or catching up on old times, Castle Comics has you covered.  We carry an extensive back issue collection that is rivaled only by overly large metropolitan areas.  Our new comic selection consists of some of the more popular pieces from Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse and smaller press comics.  Subscriptions available for those that want specific titles every month!
Check out our back issues and reclaim some of your youth.  We have comics all the way back to the silver age of comics, to allow you to re-experience that first time that you read your favorite comic, as a child.
  1. Gaming Comics
    Gaming Comics
    Comics based on video games
  2. Pop Culture Comics
    Pop Culture Comics
    Comics based on TV and Movies
  3. DC
    All of your favorite DC Heroes and Villains
  4. Marvel
    Avengers, X-men, Fantastic choose
  5. Dark Horse
    Dark Horse
    Weigh in on who the greatest hero is in the world of legends!
  6. Anime
    Naruto, Dragon Ball, Ranma, etc.... plenty of manga here